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My very first blog post – YAY!

Ok that’s not exactly true – back in the day, when Xanga was all the rage (remember Xanga?), I started writing film reviews of the movies I’d watch when I was in procrastinating in college (or University, as the rest of the world calls it). But the only person who would read them was my buddy Aru – who incidentally was my nerd friend that taught me what Xanga was in the first place.

And given that I was a French Literature major – well, writing just became a chore that I used to have to ‘get out of the way’ rather than a release or something construction and expressive, know what I mean?

Cut to MAANNNNY (read: I’m old! – er….than I was….in college…) years later, the influx of Facebook and Instagram meant I had to dust off the old proverbial fountain pen and sharpen up my articulation skills once again – and this time, it was to accompany my photographs in the form of ‘meaningful captions.’

But here’s the thing:

A photograph (at least to me) is a way to visually convey what words cannot. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words – although according to this wired.com article, they beg to differ: https://www.wired.com/insights/2014/03/turns-picture-worth-thousand-words/

In any case, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that the world is changing – for everyone – almost on a daily basis. Now this has been difficult for me for several reasons, a major one being I feel like my generation (ahem, 1985 thank you very much) is that last one to truly value the ‘traditional’ way of doing things and crucially, we have had to learn to adapt in a world where ‘traditional’ is no longer the norm. The folks before us – they went to school, studied, got jobs and had families. The ones younger – are all vying to become the next big TikTok or Youtube sensation (my kids included – God help me). But my generation – the OG millennials – everything they taught us feels like a lie. Or not a lie, but it didn’t really prepare us – me – for a changing world where digital content reigned supreme. Like, I was a business minor – I studied ethics, financial accounting, real world case study – but nowhere in my 10 courses did Prof. Aronhime say, ‘hey folks, don’t forget to sign up for Social Media 101.’ The word ‘blog’ had only begun to exist and was mainly being done by other young’ns such as myself at the time – it wasn’t  ‘thing’ if you get what I mean – it was just for fun.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. It is the spiritual.

Cut to 2020 and our ‘new normal’ – content is KING. We now use the phrase ‘consuming content’ like it’s some kind of food we can’t live without, conjuring up images of humans that are gobbling up digital entrees. I guess it’s ok though – new things in small doses are ok. And really, I’m quite late in jumping on the blogging bandwagon. So why now? Why have I resolved to start blogging this late in the game? What can I add to the ‘digital noise’ that’s worth anything?

Well, for starters I’ve been a professional Wedding Photographer for over a decade now and so I feel like maybe I actually now have a useful breadth of information to share (instead of those movie reviews I was telling you about – remember those?). Not only have I been able to accumulate a wealth of knowledge but also about 241,097,465 photographs in the process (you laugh, but…). So I thought it was time to up my game, show the world what I know and what I can do in the form of exhibiting my own work – and most importantly, contribute to the blog world in a meaningful and educational way. Time is a currency one cannot afford to waste and I want to make sure everything I put out there – my ‘content’ – is worth reading.

So, here’s to blogging in the 21st century – I’m comin’ for ya!!

Til next time,

Saj x


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